3 Things to Consider When Preparing for a New Baby

29 June 2017

Having a baby serves the dueling emotions of excitement and fear. It's a world changing step that can leave parents a little wind tossed about how to prepare. In order to bring some steadiness to this thrilling time, we will offer three things that soon-to-be parents can do to help them prepare for their new baby that fall outside of the normal preparations parents do.

Don't Forget to Dial in a Pediatrician

A woman's OB/GYN is generally the star of the medical team throughout a pregnancy. However, once that baby is born, they will be transferred into the care of a pediatrician. It is extremely important to establish with a pediatric doctor before a baby arrives. Some things to consider when choosing a pediatrician would include:

  • Do they take your insurance?

  • Are they contracted to see babies at the hospital you are delivering at?

  • Do you get a good vibe from them?

  • Do their post-delivery policies align with your own wishes for post-delivery?

  • Are they willing to go to the hospital after you deliver your baby in order to see them right away?

  • Are they staying in the area long term so you don't have to re-establish with someone else should they move?

Having a pediatrician in the wings ready to take on the medical care of your new addition is critical.

Figure Out How Your Baby Will Be Insured

This may seem like a silly thing to plan. However, many insurance companies have a very small window of opportunity to add a new baby to an insurance plan. If the baby isn't added within that time frame, they will have to go uninsured which can be a costly oversight.

If the parents have different insurance plans, you will want to consider which one is most ideal for a new member of the family and the many appointments they will have in the coming year. Not all plans are created equal as far as coverage goes. As a result, you will want to ensure that you are placing your baby on the plan most ideal for them and their needs.

Prepare Day to Day Tasks Ahead of Time

Once you come home with a new baby, simple tasks become a burden. Make some freezer meals ahead of time so you can just pop a meal in the oven or crock pot. Consider boarding any pets for a few days. Have the house as clean as possible. Having these simple things addressed and catered to before your delivery can make your transition home as easy as possible.

Bringing home a new baby is perhaps one of the most exhilarating, life changing events someone can experience. Attending to these few things prior to delivery are sure to make the process slightly less stressful and a lot more effortless.