5 Cleaning Tips from a Residential Cleaner

10 July 2017

Certainly, most people like the idea of a clean home. They enjoy coming home to a clean house. They enjoy entertaining friends and family in a clean house. However, keeping the house clean is a time consuming chore for most people. Some might hire a residential cleaning service for that chore. However, there are a few ways that they could get organized and manage their own cleaning chores efficiently. Here is more on the subject.

1. Mop It

Most of us think that the sponge mop is designed just to mop the tile floors or the wood floors in the home. Think again. The sponge mop is the key to some really fast cleaning. For example, instead of bending over and scrubbing the shower or tub, grab your trusty sponge mop and scrub the shower stall or bathtub sparkling clean. This method saves time, reducing the cleaning to mere minutes. A clean sponge mop is also a handy tool to scrub down paneled walls or washable walls. The sponge mop is also a good and handy tool to scrub doors clean.

2. Dryer Sheets

Just about every household has a few dryer sheets hanging around. Grab a dryer sheet to clean vinyl blinds. Cleans them quick, removes static, leaves a fresh scent. Dryer sheets are also good dusting cloths on furniture and wiping down a front door. Your guest will arrive to a freshly scented, inviting home.

3. Vinegar Cure

Perhaps you are faced with a dirty microwave and weekend guest are about to arrive in a few minutes. Don't panic. Instead, pour equal parts of water and vinegar into a bowl. Set the microwave timer to about 5 minutes. Take a sponge and wipe clean.

4. Toy Collection

Perhaps, your kid’s toys are grimy. Don't throw them out. Instead, add the stuffed toys to one mesh bag. Tie securely and wash. Add the plastic toys to another mesh bag. Tie securely and wash. This cleaning hack works for dusty, grimy throw pillows too.

5. Make It Sparkle

You suddenly notice that the chrome on your bathroom fixtures looks disgusting and the sink looks like a grime invasion. Furthermore, you don't have any bathroom cleanser handy. Here is a clever hack. Grab a tube of toothpaste. Squeeze a bit on an old toothbrush and scrub the chrome clean. Squeeze more in the sink. Scrub with a sponge or scrub brush for a sparkling shine. Rinse and repeat, if needed. Note that it works best with clear or white toothpaste.